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Sports Injuries, Young athletes and Osteopathy

Many teenagers and young adults are practising sports, some of them at a high level. Often trying to balance sport with school/studies can cause stress. Spending many hours at practice each week can also lead to sports injuries for young athletes.

Sports injuries and Osteopathy

Osteopathy can help young people to control their body and mind. In fact, the osteopath will check joints, muscle tension, visceral and cranial tensions. Pursuing treatment prior to the start of the season will release imbalances, and following an ongoing treatment regime throughout the season can improve performance and prepare the body for competition.

It is advisable for young people who pursue regular sporting activities to consider prevention, maintenance and treatment for any injuries that do occur.

Prevention may consist of one treatment at the start of the year and then one per trimester. With additional treatment before an important event if needed (2-3 weeks before a marathon for example), and also should there be a change in sport's shoes or other equipment, such as a racquet.

Treatments can be effective for:

  • Repetitive joint sprains - ankle, knee, hip, elbow, shoulder
  • Low back pain
  • Difficulty with specific movements or postures within a sport
  • Muscle tension …
  • Stress and Fatigue

The osteopath will refer as indicated other modalities including to a naturopath for a better balance of the body, to a podologist to address an imbalance of feet, knees, pelvis or spine such as scoliosis.

Recurrent tendonitis, especially for upper limbs, could be related to the jaw and dental issues or triggered by food including dairy products and grains.

Seeking help from a hypnotherapist or sports psychologist can also help young athletes to manage stress before and between competitions.

Osteopathy in collaboration with other health professionals can help young athletes and sports enthusiasts to produce their best performance!

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