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Osteopathy Can Help With Inflammation

4 Surprising Ways Osteopathy Can Help With Inflammation

Do you live in Ottawa? Are you wondering whether Osteopathy can help with inflammation?

If so, are you in the right place?

Today I will write about four surprising ways Osteopathy can help with inflammation.

Let’s start by describing what inflammation is.

What Is Inflammation?

When inflammation happens, chemicals from your body’s white blood cells enter your blood or tissues to protect your body from invaders.

This raises the blood flow to the area of injury or infection in the skin.

It can cause redness and warmth.

Some chemicals cause fluid to leak into your tissues, resulting in swelling.

Inflammation can occur inside the body as well.

Let’s look at the ways inflammation can occur in the body.

How Inflammation Occurs In The Body?

There are four main ways that inflammation occurs in the body.

Firstly, chronic stress can cause inflammation in the body. Chronic stress can result from somebody hating their job or being in a relationship they hate.

Secondly, inflammation in the gut can spread to the rest of the body. Causes of gut inflammation include Food sensitivities, SIBO, SIFO, Parasites and Bacterial imbalance.

Thirdly, systemic infections can result in inflammation in the body. Systemic infections include Lyme Disease.

Fourthly, autoimmune diseases can cause inflammation in the body. Examples of autoimmune diseases include Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, ALS and Celiac Disease.

Let’s look at how inflammation in the body can affect the musculoskeletal system.

How Inflammation In The Body Can Affect The Muscles And Joints.

Inflammation from chronic stress will usually cause muscles to become over-tight and also cause some muscles to activate poorly or tire quickly. In terms of symptoms, this can present as chronic pain and tightness in the muscles, particularly around the neck and shoulders.

Inflammation from the gut can affect many other systems in the body, particularly the brain, thyroid and reproductive organs. In terms of musculoskeletal symptoms, this can present as neck, lower back and hip pain.

Inflammation from systemic infections such as Lyme Disease, like gut inflammation, can affect many systems. In terms of the musculoskeletal system, it can cause headaches and joint pain, which typically moves around the body.

Autoimmune inflammation typically affects the joints in terms of the musculoskeletal system.

Let’s look now at how Osteopathy can help with inflammation.

How Osteopathy Can Help With Inflammation.

In my Osteopathic practice, I identify inflammation issues in my clients by taking a thorough case history and using muscle response testing.

When looking for inflammation, I examine four main factors: chronic current stress, gut inflammation, systemic inflammation and autoimmune disease.

Chronic Stress

The two most common reasons for chronic current stress are hating your job or being in a bad relationship.

I can determine whether a current stressor is the primary reason for the person’s symptoms; however, it is the client’s responsibility to resolve the reason for the stress. Sometimes I might refer the person for counselling to help them with that process.

Gut Inflammation

The most common reasons for gut inflammation are food sensitivities, SIBO, SIFO and Parasites.

An indication of gut inflammation is whether the client is experiencing digestive symptoms, including heartburn, bloating, gas, diahrea and constipation. However, sometimes the client may not have digestive symptoms but still have gut inflammation.

I use muscle testing to identify the inflammation’s cause and related symptoms.

I can help gut inflammation by advising the client to make dietary changes and treating the gut using probiotics.

Systemic Infection

The most common cause of systemic inflammation I see in my practice in Ottawa is Lyme Disease.

Lab testing for Lyme in Canada is not very accurate. Therefore, diagnosis is usually made from the history, signs and symptoms.

Lyme disease is typically contracted through a tick bite. The tick releases bacteria into the blood.

Your body can deal with these bacteria if you have a robust, regulated immune system. If you have a weak, deregulated immune system, the bacteria will evade the body’s defences and can cause inflammation and symptom.

Common causes of a dysregulated immune system include other inflammation and a dysregulated or hypervigilant nervous system.

Typical causes of a hypervigilant nervous system are unresolved past emotional and physical trauma.

I can help unresolved past and physical traumas using emotional and physical trauma release techniques; in some cases, I may refer the client for energy healing.

Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease is where the body’s immune system becomes dysregulated and attacks different body parts.

Typically an autoimmune disease is triggered by a foreign protein that gets into the blood, usually through the gut lining.

For example, Celiac disease is triggered by the protein from wheat called gliadin enring the bloodstream.

With the information from a case history and muscle testing, I can help identify the trigger.

Now It’s Time To Hear From You

Do you suspect you have inflammation that is causing your symptoms?

What symptoms are you experiencing?

Can you see how Osteopathy can help inflammation?

Let me know in the comments below.

Do you need help?

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